About Our Cast Stone

At Garden of Stone we create an eclectic assortment of cast stone pieces. Whether your garden has winding paths or thrives on a tabletop or windowsill, visit and find just the right piece to add some character or whimsey to your space. Some we make from antique molds and many are reproductions of antiques. Imbue an antique vibe with a piece made from one of our vintage molds.


Figurative Statuary

Shop Angels, Fishing boys, Religious figures, Lawn Jockeys, the Garden Gnome (of course), and more. We feature our very own Rip Van Winkle, his legend still very much alive in the Catskill Mountains. Take one home to your neck of the woods!

Birdbaths & Fountains

Attract birds and add a focul feature to your garden with one of our cast stone birdbaths. We have various styles and sizes to choose from, several produced from antiques. Perhaps you would like just the bowl to place on a tree stump or stone wall. Bowls and pedestals can be purchased seperately. Fountains add the ambience of running water. We have several styles to choose from and pieces can be purchased seperately.

The Garden Gnome

Having a rich history that dates back to the mid-19th century, the garden gnome has since been gracing gardens in Europe, England and The USA in many ways, shapes and forms. At Garden of Stone we cast small, medium and large garden gnomes, doing all the things that gnomes love to do. Available in natural finish or painted. Perhaps you’d like to take one home to paint yourself.

Animal Statuary

Find Mamals, reptiles, amphibeans and birds; creatures wild and domestic. Come and brwose our managerie, critters of various shapes and sizes, some mythological as well; all ready to spring to life in your gardenscape.

Religious Statuary

We have a wide selection of religious themed stone statues; both finished and unfinished.

Planters & Benches

Showcase flowers or your favorite houseplant in one of our cast stone pots or urns, indoors or out. Add a nice place to sit and take in the view with one of our stone benches.

Garden of Stone

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